The reach and wash method of commercial window cleaning uses a telescopic pole that reaches up to 80ft from the safety of the ground.

We have fully trained technicians to carry out window and fascia cleaning to any high-rise building which has a static BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) installed on their building.
ACE services have fully-trained commercial abseiling window cleaning teams to carry out any high level window cleaning service to your building.
Some buildings may not be able to be accessed by other methods i.e., Reach and Wash, therefore will require the use of a Hydraulic Platform to carry out the tasks involved.
Ace offers pest control service bird prevention & bird proofing services.
Forming an important part of your property, neglected guttering could result in blockages allowing rainwater to sit and possibly cause damage to the building.
Pressure washing is used for cleaning a variety of surfaces from paved areas to cladding, Pressure washing is an excellent way of maintaining or restoring the look of tired areas.
Graffiti is a common problem today and one that affects premises particularly in towns and cities.
Chewing Gum can make paved areas look unsightly and dirty, over time this can cause business premises to look uncared for.
We have experience in internal high-level cleaning across many sectors.
Ace offers a high and low level cladding cleaning and protection service.
The continued spread of coronavirus means we must all take extra precautions with cleanliness and safety in our working environment.


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