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Ace Cleaning Services is your number one choice for commercial window cleaning in Berkshire.

Our operatives are experts in their field of work and are all trained to offer you an exceptional window cleaning experience.


We use professional technology to conduct our work, giving us the opportunity to reach buildings of any height and hard to reach on its building exterior.  


It is completely your choice to decide when you have your commercial establishment cleaned, we can work with you to create a personalised cleaning schedule. 


We also offer a contract service for bigger businesses, who would like to know their building is being regularly cleaned. This can be conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly, however often you’d like.


Our window cleaning services can be conducted in a range of different methods, such as water-fed poles, cherry pickers, abseilers and window cleaning cradles. We will work closely alongside you to recommend the best suited option for your company and its requirements. 


We conduct a complete assessment of your premises prior to beginning any window cleaning, so we can recommend the most suitable method for you based on your needs. 


All of our customers receive a health and safety pack, consisting of a policy, risk assessments, method statements and insurance.


For further information or support with your cleaning, contact us now!

Personalised Window Cleaning Service

As a highly reliable company, we ensure that you’re kept up to date with both our head office, as well as the window cleaners on site. You can contact them whenever you need support.


When you’re looking for a window cleaner, it is important to find one with flexible scheduling options. Our contract cleaning services are tailored specifically towards your needs and can be set up in whatever intervals work best so that there’s no disruption on the property during business hours.


Quality (9001)

We have a comprehensive quality management system which sets the standards we work to this meets the UKAS requirements for ISO 9001. This incorporates regular reviews and audits of our policies and procedures, cleaning methodologies, customer service and performance management.

Environmental (14001)

Ace are fully committed to preserve and improve the environment that we live in today. We have a Corporate social responsibility policy and an ISO 14001 management system in place that meets the UKAS requirements.

Health and Safety (45001)

The health and safety of our staff and clients are paramount to us!


We have a health and safety management system we follow which sets the standard we work to, this meets the UKAS requirements for ISO 45001. 

Before any work is carried out, we provide our clients with a full health and Safety pack, which includes a health and safety policy, Risk assessment and method statements (RAMS), Training certificates, inspection records, insurances and COSHH.


We fulfil all sorts of different cleaning contracts and we understand that no two jobs are the same. If you have any questions please get in touch with us and we will see to help you.

We are committed to only using appropriate environmentally friendly cleaning solutions etc.
We have Public Liability Insurance which covers work inside and outside your premises. Contact us for specific details including underwriters certificates.
We are a nationwide service currently with clients as far south as the Isle of Wight and as far north as Glasgow.
From the ground we use pole that are 80 Ft. long but we also use hydraulic platforms, cradles and in some cases abseiling. How high is your building?
Absolutely! Also Greater London, the Home Counties and the rest of mainland UK.


Established. 1985

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